EcoLogical Landscapes

Using permaculture, ecological design and sustainable construction our aim is to integrate people and the land, creating highly functional and beautiful outdoor spaces.  Our passion and mission is to preserve the natural ecological balance in the great Pacific Northwest, to ensure a healthy regenerative living environment for generations to come.  A few of the elements that are often included in the spaces we create:

  • Food- edible gardens (annual and perennial systems)
  • Native plants
  • Wildlife habitat – including pollinators
  • Rainwater catchment and absorption strategies
  • Artful hardscaping – patios, pathways, woodwork, waterfeatures
  • Sacred space for meditation or healing
  • Recycled/salvaged materials
  • Animal & livestock integration: chickens, horses, etc

We also offer organic landscape maintenance for our clients and those who wish to transition their gardens into ecological landscaping.