N.W. Bloom Nursery Fall Plant Sale – Deals for up to 50% off!

Mark your calendars! We are having a fall plant sale on Friday & Saturday October 25th & 26th, 9am – 3pm

After a great season of propagating, growing, potting, and re-potting plants, our nursery has an abundance of plants to offer. You’ll find a great selection of your favorite fruit trees, fruiting shrubs, other edible perennials and many useful plants everyone should have in their gardens – all at fabulous prices.

  • Fruit trees 20% off
  • Nut trees 25% off
  • Herbs 20% off
  • All other plants (excluding some specialty/rarer plants) will be 20% off
  • Orphanage plants will go home with any good offer!!
  • Anything in the clearance section is %50 off!

We have a lot of great additions we think you should come take a look at for your fall planting:

  • Plan for a row of Fall Gold Raspberries
  • Your garden is missing your very own Pine Nut Tree
  • Columnar Apples grow very well in pots and your patio could use a couple
  • There is nothing better than bees buzzing on Comfrey flowers
  • Now is the time to plan for fall crops

Fall is the best time for planting in the Pacific Northwest, so don’t miss this sale!

New Raingarden Resources

We have been building raingardens for years and they are nearly always included in every one our projects, along with other Low Impact Development techniques.  We have a collection of our work on our portfolio here and here, as well as a collection of pictures for inspiration for clients on a Pinterest board.  Jessi has recently been contracted by the Department of Ecology to teach seminars to the landscape industry about upcoming regulations on the subject and has been teaching seminars on Rain Wise Gardening to the public for years due to a steadily growing interest.  Ever since the Seattle Rainwise Program launched, we have seen more and more demand for raingardens and the various ways to manage stormwater, which is fantastic!

trainor raingarden 015

This picture was taken during the construction of the first Seattle RainWise rebate project in Ballard WA.

We are happy to see this field growing and evolving, which comes along with new studies and new resources.  Just released is a brand new and beautifully done “Raingarden Handbook for Western Washington” that homeowners and industry professionals alike can really benefit from. Links:

2013 Raingarden Handbook for Western Washington

2012 Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington for professionals

We are looking forward to seeing these LID techniques implemented in all construction projects and are excited to be at the forefront of these changes. It is great to have so much support from local jurisdictions who are making it all happen, and supplying us with these great resources!