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The Team

jessi bio smallJessi Bloom, CPH, ECP, ISA Arborist.  Owner, Ecological Designer, Consultant, Author, Speaker

Jessi is a NW native and comes from a strong background of horticulture and environmental sciences. Her early experience ranged in project management, from organizing restoration projects with community volunteers, to high-end residential and commercial landscape design/build. In early 2000, she decided to start an ethical business in the green industry to fill a niche for organic and ecological landscaping. Her leadership combined with her artistic design talents have brought N.W. Bloom numerous environmental awards. She is passionate about animals, permaculture and making functional gardens beautiful. She travels nationwide as a speaker and is the best-selling author of Free-Range Chicken Gardens and  Practical Permaculture Design.  (Timber Press 2015) currently working on her 3rd book about designing sanctuary.  Jessi’s work has gotten press and been featured in many national and local media outlets from the NY Times, Better Homes & Gardens, Sunset Magazine, DISNEY, Martha Stewart Living, Mother Earth News, UTNE Reader, Fine Gardening Magazine and PBS’s Growing a Greener World TV. 

Jessi is strongly committed to volunteering in the community and sits on several advisory boards within the green industry and educational/environmental organizations; hoping to empower people, also raising industry standards, and recently helping to develop the EcoPro program for WA State.  She has two boys and spends time with them around their little farm, with a handful of animals and gardens to look after.  When she is not helping others with their gardens, traveling or writing, she enjoys the outdoors: snowboarding, hiking, running, biking and stays strong with Olympic weightlifting.

Susan McKinley – Accounts Manager

Susan is passionate about the environmental aspects of the company and has been managing accounts with N.W. Bloom since 2007. Her background in the field goes back several decades and her personal hobbies include gardening, fishing and spending time with her husband Mike, all 13 of her grandchildren and spoiling Spanky, the office dog. She also happens to be Jessi’s supportive and loving mother.



IMG_1362Zac Kopra – Project Manager

Zac manages N.W. Bloom’s construction projects and maintenance division.  A die hard Husky, Zac got his Resource Management degree from the Washington School of Forestry and was also one of the first in the field to receive the Washington Sustainable Landscape Professional certification called EcoPRO.  Always furthering his knowledge base he has also achieved the Master Pruner certification from Plant Amnesty.  He has been with us since 2008, enjoys being outside working hard and constantly learning new things.  He is passionate about his family and his job and enjoys sports, hiking, gardening, fishing, reading and spending time with his wife and kids.  Jessi calls him “mud paw” – just be sure to ask him why!

Fernando Lopez – Construction Lead

Fernando, or Ferny, has been with N.W. Bloom for since 2009 and leads the crew during all construction installations and landscape renovations. He enjoys the art of masonry, building arbors and water features.  Fernando prefers the cold weather, loves to play basketball, soccer and spending time with his wife and 3 kids.



marcosMarcos  Hernandez – Crew

Marcos has been with the NW Bloom maintenance and installation crew through 2015.   He hails from Mexico and enjoys learning landscape construction techniques.  In his free time he enjoys spending time with family and friends, and playing soccer.




Bryan Woodard – Crew A budding permaculturalist  born and raised in New Mexico, Bryan moved to the Pacific NW in 2010. He knew on the first day, that he would be spending a long time here with a life partner and soul mate Reisha, raising their 3 year old Rowan and their two dogs Usnea and Knock Knock. His background is automotive mechanics and organic farming, at management level. His interests reside in ethnobotany, traditional skills of my cultural background (scot/irish) and those of the Pacific Northwest, herbalisim, permaculture, backpacking, rock climbing, health assurance, sustainable forestry, sustainable living, decentralization of natural resources and everything else that keeps him outside. He loves plants, sustainability, seeing happy people and is excited to be apart of the NW Bloom team!



Meghan Obom– Horticulturalist

Meghan is a recent addition to the professional field of environmental horticulture, but she is part of a long tradition in her family of women who love to garden. Born in North Carolina to two WA natives, she has deep roots on both sides of the Cascades, and has always considered Washington her home. She has a bachelor’s degree in English Lit and a certificate in Environmental Horticulture. Her experience in the field includes landscape installation and maintenance, greenhouse work and plant propagation, and organic farming. Meghan loves to learn, and is excited to expand her horizons in permaculture, herbalism, ethnobotany, and plant identification. When not up to her elbows in plants and soil, she spends as much time as possible either reading or writing. In her spare time, Meghan enjoys drawing, woodburning, running and weightlifting, Netflix marathons, growing food, and spending time with her friends and family.









moniindexMonika Kinsman -Systems Specialist

Monika Kinsman is the owner of Thrive, an organic plant-based superfoods cafe located in Seattle.  She also works with NW Bloom as an independent business development consultant, specializing in operations, process improvement, and human resource matters.  Monika is 4th generation Seattle native, coming from a long line of entrepreneurs and business owners.  She lives in West Seattle with her fiancée and 3 children.  In her spare time, Monika enjoys watching movies, spending time with her friends, and is a serious X-File fan.  The Truth Is Out There!


Spanky – Office Dog

This excitable Staffy Bull Terrier pup greets guests enthusiastically when they visit the office. He is also known as the resident foot warmer and has many jobs around the farm, but his favorite job (by far) is being a snuggle bug. He loves to chase off pesky garden rodents, insects, Frisbees and his tail in his spare time.





RockyRocky – The Ninja Farm Cat

This silly tabby likes to do yoga in the lawn (we’re not kidding) and his impressive ninja skills ensure that any trespassers are surprised and well alerted to his skills – watch your legs! He keeps a watch over the farm and his mad hunting abilities keep all pest rodents in check. Rocky has a knack for herding the poultry out of gardens and can be found spending much of his time near the catmint; rolling in it, eating it, and hugging it. He always smells delicious!




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