A roadtrip to Raintree Nursery

I have been ordering edible plants from Raintree Nursery for well over a decade now and had never been to the actual nursery until just recently.  I needed a bunch of plants for a fall planting project that couldn’t be delivered until spring, and the fam was heading in that direction for the weekend, so we planned a detour to Morton WA  pick up some of the plants.  It was easy to find and a beautiful drive taking Hwy 7 south through the foothills.

Once we hit Morton the rain started coming down in sheets.. of course, perfect timing.  We saw sheep hanging out in the driveway of a nearby neighbor, and plenty of deer grazing along the forest edge.

The entrance sign has a mass of Evergreen Huckleberry (Vaccinium ovatum) underneath.

The front of the nursery property seemed to be completely wildlife proof- surrounded by tall deer fencing, we drove across this cattle grate to get inside.  Inside along the driveway is a demonstration of espaliered fruit trees and different deer fencing materials.

Inside the main shop, is an assortment of products and tools that aren’t generally available at any ol’ nursery.  In here you’d find grafting supplies, fruit processing supplies, as well as pest management supplies for your orchard.  There is also a nice library in the back with a good selection of books about edible plants with a cozy place to read them.

A few retail greenhouses outside have an impressive selection of edible plants and they are very organized.

I was happy to see “Permaculture” written on a white board… a perfect topic to be teaching at a nursery!

While I was wondering around taking in the site, our truck was getting loaded with a ton of plants.  All carefully organized to survive a long ride home- it is amazing how much was fit in to the bed of NW Bloom‘s smallest truck.

If you are even in or near the Morton area, I highly recommend stopping at Raintree Nursery!  Just bring a vehicle with plenty of room to bring home your new baby plants!


  1. How insightful! I have ordered but have never made the trip–thanks for sharing the images.

  2. Ha ha… you’re like the kid who can’t pass a crate of puppies on the street without saying, “Awwww, can we keep one?? PLEASE???”… except with plants. Luckily Greg indulges your whims!

  3. Hi Greg!!!!
    I think Dad and I made a trip out to Raintree many years ago together. Miss you guys!

  4. Randy Huyck says:

    Did you also try Burnt Ridge Nursery nearby?

    • Hello Randy – Burnt Ridge didn’t have what we needed for our order at that time, but it is *definitely* a nursery I want to visit soon.. also on that list would be One Green World in Oregon. It is a bit of a hike for me, but I will get there someday 🙂

  5. I plan on ordering from them shortly. I take it all the orders have been hassle-free and the plants are doing great?

    • HI Shawn,
      Thanks for the comment – and yes, we have been ordering plants from Raintree for at least 12 years with no issues whatsoever. Just be sure to plant in the right place and follow their “care instructions” and the plants should do great!

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