Edible Flowers

I love this time of the year, not only because gardens are at their peak, but because it is when some of my favorite flowers are blooming AND we can eat them!  It is also a great time to introduce children to the idea of eating flowers because they get so excited about it.  In fact, I have to watch out because my kids will eat all of the flowers leaving none for me or the bees.  They also have a fun time showing other kids when they come to visit.

Here are daylilies, nasturtium and borage flowers- all edible!

Edible flowers can make a salad more delicious and beautiful - I made this yesterday for dinner with a friend and it all came from my garden (well, with the exception of the almonds)

Here is a list of other edible flowers/part and links to more info (from wikipedia):
Do you have a favorite edible flower?
A few words of caution: if you don’t know what a plant or flower is, or you don’t know if it is edible, do not to eat it.  If you have allergies or medical problems,  do your research.  I often use this great site to check on the edibility rating of specific plants.


  1. I love that the link you provided gives a range of edibility instead of yes/no. That’s so much more helpful than lumping everything into edible or not edible.

  2. HI Michelle-Totally! PFAF is one of the most useful websites/organizations I’ve found in the many years I’ve been working with plants.. and their many uses 🙂

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