Grow beans grow!

Ok.  So I have never been a great vegetable gardener – I admit it.  I am usually crazy busy every spring worried about client’s garden’s and don’t have too much time for my own.  I do try though and that is what counts, right?

So this year we built a cool trellis and please, just take a guess at what kind of beans I planted… Yes, BUSH beans which will have no interest in climbing on the pretty new trellis made of hog fence in a birch colored pencil frame.  It was 3 weeks ago that I figured out this goof up and tried to think of every possible way to jump start a climbing bean crop.  So I started seeds in the ground, I started seeds in the greenhouse and even bought some veggie starts at the local hardware store. Any other year it would be no big deal, but in 5 days the Seattle Times is coming to take photos of our garden!!

Grow beans grow!

and just because.  This is our first sunflower of the season.


  1. Last year I had more beans than I could stand. Heck! May still have some of those in the freezer. This year, I’ll be surprised if the pole beans make it to the top of the poles. Those beans don’t like it cold!

    • Ditto on last years bean crop!
      I have only had a few beans so far this year and it looks like summer might be over soon… oh well, there is always next year!

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