Silver Vine, Hot Pepper Kiwi!!

hot pepper kiwiSometimes you find an interesting new (to you) plant that seems too good to be true​. Here at the Nursery we have been a little too excited about the Silver Vine, Hot Pepper Kiwi and can’t wait to try to the fruit, first hand.

This little number is a native to Vladivostok, Russia so it’s hardy to minus 35° F or below! That’s USDA zone 3!! Brrrrrr. It will do fine in partial shade, likes moist but well drained soil, is not bothered by pests or disease. One stout male ‘Pavel’ can get busy and pollinate up to 8 ladies. It gets the name Silver Vine for the silvery look the leaves get later in the Summer months.

One full size 10ft lady vine can produce up to 30 lbs. of bright yellow-orange kiwi berries about the size of a globe grape with a sweet’n’spicy flavor. We are told it’s like a sweet mild chili pepper. Imagine walking along the fence with one of these vines on it and popping them into your mouth as you stroll along in September. I can see it now, mmmmmm….

Picture courtesy

Picture courtesy

Well in our short relationship with this kiwi we have noticed this vine is a vigorous grower and is rapidly reaching as high as it can. Already it is taller than all of us here. The male is blooming and the female is dressed up with buds waiting for her moment to shine.

We will keep you posted as these babies progress. September can’t come fast enough!


  1. Brachysema lanceolatum (Swan River Pea) is a West Australian native which grows to 1.5m tall. It is fast growing and hardy and is perfect for filling a bare spot in the garden. Leaves are dark green and the undersides are silvery contrasting beautifully with the scarlet flowers which appear in winter and spring and sometimes throughout the year. Many grevilleas are flowering now, adaptable and easy to grow they have a long flowering period and attract nectar eating birds to the garden. They vary in size from prostate ground covers, small to large shrubs and the largest is the striking Grevillea robusta the Silky oak. Grevillea “Strawberry Sundae” which has pink toned flowers G.”Cherry Ripe has as the name suggests cherry coloured flowers, and G. Jubilee with bright orange flowers are all a great addition to the garden. Correa “Little Cate’ has dainty pale pink bells very pretty in a cottage garden. Leptospermun “Aphrodite” has deep pink flowers with a white centre and green eye, a very different and attractive leptospermum. Hardenbergia Violacea “Mini Ha Ha” has deep violet pea shaped flowers in late winter and early spring, it grows in full sun to light shade and prefers well drained soil. As`with most natives prune after flowering to maintain a bushy habit. Some summer watering is necessary until established.

  2. I am so interested to learn about this cool plant, it is entirely new to me! Thanks for sharing!

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